How to use nail stickers

If you haven’t used nail stickers before, you may imagine that using nail stickers requires good skills and unforgettable steps.
In fact, most good quality nail stickers are not difficult. Anyone can learn them in less than 5 minutes!After looking at the following steps, you can easily DIY a pair of beautiful nails~

Usage method

① Shape and polish the nail, prepare the edge and polish the nail surface.② Clean the grease on the nail surface with cleaning tablets or alcohol tablets.

③ Choose the right nail polish paste according to the size of your nails.

④Tear down nail polish and paste the base (second layers).

⑤ Stick it on the nail. No bubbles are allowed in the process of sticking.

⑥ Push the nail polish paste flat with the rubber head of the dead leather fork.⑦ Polish the excess part at the front of the nail stick with a sand strip.

Stickers are different from ordinary materials. They don’t need heating. Like skin, they are naturally elastic and malleable. You can gently pull them to make them conform to the shape of nails without warping. High quality nail stickers don’t need to wait or special care. They won’t fall off when washing hands, bathing, exercising and swimming.
The service life depends on the way you use it and the condition of the nail surface. Without severe friction, you can wait until your nail is long. Applying a layer of varnish will make it more beautiful and durable. When you want to replace it, just tear it off gently, and your nails will be clean.

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