• Adhesive Laser Flame Nail Stickers
  • Adhesive Laser Flame Nail Stickers
  • Adhesive Laser Flame Nail Stickers

Adhesive Laser Flame Nail Stickers



Product Description

NameLaser Flame Nail Stickers
Available color6 style nail stickers
Pricesingle piece price (Bulk order quantity price is negotiable)
Functionused for artistic creation such as nail art, etc.
FeaturesBack Glued, full color, bright and lasting
OEM (Custom Design)MOQ: 1000 pcs/style/design/sheet
Custom CardMOQ: 3000 pcs 
Our adhesive Laser flame nail stickers are made of ultra-thin eco-friendly materials, which are non-toxic, non-skin damage, and safe to use. Suitable for all friends who want to diy nails.

Beautiful Laser flame stickers for nails.
3D nail stickers, ultra-thin material.
Easy to apply on natural or artificial nails.
Get professional results in minutes.
Easy to remove, you can change the pattern at any time.

Steps for usage
1-Apply a thin layer of primer on nails
2-After the primer dries, apply your favorite colored nail polish and wait for the nail polish to dry about 90%.
3-Use tweezers to remove your desire pattern from the sticker, put the pattern on the nail surface, and press it on your nails gently.
4-Apply clear topcoat and wait to dry. After finishing, you can design the pattern by yourself and enjoy the beautiful nails.

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